Other Books by Jonathan London



SLEEP TRAIN. (Viking, Publication date 3 April 2018) A little boy climbs into bed with a book and starts counting the train cars in it, between the engine and caboose. "Ten sleepy cars going clickety-clack," reads the refrain. But as the boy counts cars and gets sleepier and sleepier, his room looks more and more like one of the train cars from his book--the sleeping car, of course!






PUP THE SEA OTTER. (a picture book, illustrated by Sean London, Graphic Arts, April 4, 2017)

Winner of the 2017 National Outdoor Book Award and the National Science Teacher's Association Award.






DUCK AND HIPPO in the rainstorm. (1st picture book in a new series, Two Lions/Amazon.).






DUCK AND HIPPO lost and found. (Two Lions/Amazon, publication date 15 August 2017)







DESOLATION CANYON. Publication date: February 10, 2015, Graphic Arts, a middle grade novel (up to age 14; about twelve year olds Aaron and Lisa on a death-defying white water rafting trip with their fathers--and a 16 year old named Cassidy, who has "trouble" written all over him). It is the first of a three-book series. Illustrated by my son, Sean London.







BELLA BELLA (the sequel to DESOLATION CANYON), a middle grade novel illustrated by Sean London (Graphic Arts, Feb. 9, 2016)






GRIZZLY PEAK. (3rd book in Aaron's Wilderness middle grade novel series, illustrated by Sean London, February 7. 2017)







HIPPOS ARE HUGE. Candlewick's Read and Wonder series, 10 March 2015







OTTERS LOVE TO PLAY. Illustrated by Meilo So. (Candlewick, March 22, 2016)

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